On every weekday, around 15 different activities take place at the 2 main Assist Trust sites as well as out in the community.

All groups aim to build confidence; help members to speak up and have their own opinions; help members to get on with others and learn social skills; encourage members to try new things; help members to learn from their mistakes; support members in the real world and learn how to be more independent.

With this in mind, members are of course encouraged to have their say – many of the groups are ideas that members have come up with. Each member has a chance to talk through their suggested timetable before it starts and to make changes if they feel a particular group isn’t for them. However, members are also encouraged to try something out, especially if it is new, in order to build their sense of self-esteem and confidence, and to stick with a group once the timetable has started.

Timetables change every four months, and cover many different types of activities.

The following is a an A-Z of different groups that we’ve previously run for members at Assist Trust. This shows just some of the groups we’ve run – there have been many others too!


(A) Audio book discussion  (B) Bake Off/Band group  (C) Craft(D) Drama/Dancercise  (E) Employment and travel training  (F) Football/Fine motor skills

(G) Gardening  (H) Health and Safety/History  (I) I challenge you (problem solving)

(J) Jam making  (K) Keeping healthy  (L) Learning to listen/Local walks

(M) Members committee / Mousehold Heath conservation  (N) Norman Centre café

(O) Outdoor sports/Orienteering  (P) Photography  (Q) Quiz group  (R) Relaxation

(S) Sculpture/Sewing  (T) Trip advisor  (U) Upcycling  (V) Video gaming

(W) Woodland walks  (X) EXercise!  (Y) Yoga  (Z) Zumba