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Case studies

  • Claire

    Assist Trust timetable and work

    “When we talk about the timetable, I pick the things I like and the things that make me happy, like Zumba, yoga, health eating at the Gardens and dog walking. I tidied the kitchen up, it makes me feel happy.

    I do 2 work placements, one at the school and one at the Phoenix Centre, I’m learning about work”

  • Thomas

    Work experience at the Co-op Bakery

    “On Mondays I set my alarm for 6 O’clock. I have my breakfast. At 6.30 I get ready, I always wear my smart clothes for my shift at the CO-OP. I start at 7am in the bakery, I have to wear an apron.
    I do anything that needs doing – putting pastries in a bag, I put labels on, anything. After that I help stack shelves, it’s cool!”

  • Simon

    Working at the Assist Café

    “I worked in the cafe on a Wednesday, we went by bus. I helped set up the urn, serving customers and wiping tables.

    I like helping people, I would smile and be polite. It's change over so I must wait my turn to go again, I would like to go again I really enjoy the cafe.”

  • Matthew

    Working hard at gardening and joining in with groups

    Matthew has become more and more confident in his groups at Assist in recent years. As well as growing lots of veg successfully on his own plot at the Gardens this year, he has got more out of his groups by being so willing to take part and try things out.