The Meeting Place Café

Assist Trust runs The Meeting Place Café  at The Norman Centre in Norwich.

Since taking it on in 2015, the Café has gone from strength to strength, priding itself on it’s customer service and  offering  a friendly welcome to the local community at affordable prices.

Open weekdays, our members are supported to get involved with everything from setting up, making drinks, using the till, stock rotation, ordering, cleaning and serving food which is prepared daily by Kyra, our Café Assistant.

A placement at the Café provides our members with a valuable opportunity to gain confidence within a work setting and learn new skills that will help to boost their work experience.

We have received some lovely feedback from our customers. In December 2023, one of our customers said, ‘I visit around two or three times a week. It’s a lovely Café and it feels good to support the people working and training here’. 

Another customer said, ‘The Café feels more like a community than a Café. The staff are really lovely and always help me when I’m feeling wobbly, they will take my cups into the bowls room and are always so friendly and helpful to those who are less mobile. Nothing can be improved’.