All Assist members are helped to manage daily living skills more independently. This helps everyone to manage more tasks for themselves at home, with less support from others.

For those who are keen to move into more independent living, Assist can help find suitable opportunities and provide support for individuals and families on this journey.

The Assist Housing department has continued to this year. We have just acquired a ground floor 2 bedroom flat with front and back garden not far from our Lazar House building. Last year we provided a home for 4 of our members, whilst this year we have helped 3 of our long term members find a home after years of waiting. Parents of our tenants feel comforted knowing that living in an Assist Trust property offers an additional layer of support.

At Assist we look for safe, accessible properties, within easy reach of shops, buses and convenient for our day service.

We know that for people with a learning disability, appropriate accommodation has a strong impact on their safety and overall quality of life, while also reducing social exclusion. However, many people with a learning disability do not have a choice about where they live or who they live with. 29,000 adults with a learning disability live with parents aged 70 or over, many of whom are too old or too frail to continue in their caring role.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns regarding housing options in the near or distant future.

The housing team at Assist Trust have created some useful resources to help support the development of different daily living skills at home. Click on the links below for details;

Cleaning and tidying

Meal preparation

Problem solving