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  • What is your Coronavirus action plan?

    At Assist Trust, we’re committed to safe and effective service delivery. We are monitoring the current situation very carefully, and will act swiftly in response to any Government or Public Health England advice.

  • What is the charge for attending Assist Trust?

    The current daily rate is £41.17

  • Can you administer medication?

    No. We are able to store it safely in our medicine cabinet or fridge, but we cannot administer it. We can prompt an individual when it is time to take it, and we will keep countersigned records when it has been self administered.

  • Can members go out at break times?

    Depending on their level of independence, some of our members will receive travel training to go to the local shops, or to and from work placements if it is safe for them to do so. A careful assessment is made by the travel training team, and individuals can be signed off on certain routes.

    There is a Tuck Shop at lunchtimes for those that would like to buy a snack but are unable to go out independently.

    Please note that at present, members are being asked to stay indoors at break time, and the Tuck Shop isn’t available.

  • What do members do for lunch at Assist?

    Our members usually bring a packed lunch, unless they are in a cooking group which means that they will prepare their own lunch in one of our kitchens. If a packed lunch is needed, members don’t have access to a microwave to heat up food. We do, however, have vending machines so that hot drinks and soup can be purchased for 40p.

    Please note our vending machines are currently not available, so we recommend bringing a flask.

  • How is progress recognised at Assist Trust?

    Recognising progress and achievement is a large part of what we do at Assist. We do so by building on the strengths people have and focus strongly on social skills, daily living skills and job skills. Any groups or activities that involve things like reading, writing or money skills always work on ways of applying those skills in the real world. Instead of giving out certificates, we praise people for progress made, whenever it occurs.