Sally has settled in (again) for another stint at volunteering for Revelation Café very well. She's always chatty, is very good in her interaction with customers, and clearing tables where needed. Her washing up and putting items away is top-notch, and will always ask where things go if she doesn't know. She has become a valuable member of the very small café team.

Tim Kemp, Revelation Cafe

Lizzie N has helped with lots of jobs and always does her best with what she is asked to do.

Debbie, Sense

Lizzie C is really beginning to come out of her shell and I really think she will blossom in the coming months.

Debbie, Sense

Ben is superstar! He benefits the shops fundraising with his smile and personality.

Debbie, Sense

Alan has fitted into the shops team without effort. He always gives customers a friendly welcome and great customer service whilst on the till.

Debbie, Sense

We have provided work placements for four Assist Trust members and each has bought something different to the team. It has been great to work with such enthusiastic and dedicated people. They have all fitted in with the kitchen team well and have proved to be an asset.

Thaila Cossey, Farmyard


Assist treats each of my children differently and gives them what they need to be happy and as independent as possible,” Lindsey says. “I really like fact that that Assist is all about supporting them into independence, I want them to be the best people they can be and get the most out of their lives and so does Assist. The first time we visited it was so obvious how what Assist does is all about building confidence and treating everyone as a person in their own right. And the environment was incredibly warm and welcoming, everyone was just so happy, laughing and doing a range of different things that built their skills and confidence.

Lindsey and Dave Wharam

It is an absolute pleasure working with the Assist Trust and its members. Setting up the work experience placements was straight forward due to the professional planning, organisation and support of the staff at Assist who have the experience and understanding of the necessary considerations for things to go smoothly. The two Assist Trust members who have been coming here for work experience have become a valued part of our team. Their commitment, enthusiasm and personalities mean that everyone values and enjoys the days they are at work with us and their hard work is very much appreciated. Due to the success of these first placements, we are in the process of increasing the number placements we can provide in the near future and are looking forward to continuing to work with the team and members at the Assist Trust.

Michael Chater, Doughtys Almshouse

Wayne gardening at Doughtys

Nicole Volunteering at FAITH animal sanctuary

We have been ok in general. The first lockdown was a novelty and we channeled ourselves into losing weight and getting fit. As time has gone on and up until recently could see no end we all started to get quite down and missed our routine, Nicole especially missed the interaction with her friends especially, Assist were and still are a big part in Nicole’s day. Through lockdown your zoom meetings lifted her tremendously and the activity packs that you dropped off like the seeds gave us all something to watch grow. The zoom meetings also allowed her to see her friends and have some needed banter. Nicole is absolutely thrilled to be back as Assist, something she has wanted to do for many months The new restrictions haven’t seemed to have fazed Nicole and it seems to be the new norm. Just getting out and being herself with her friends has made a massive difference to her mood and wellbeing. I would like to say thank you to all of you for all you do and how you have struggled on relentlessly

Suzanne Howes

Thanks to all the dedicated staff at Assist, they have been so inventive, with stimulating ideas full of fun and ensuring the well being of the individuals missing normality and routine. Even though Simon hasn't internet access the staff came up with suggestions and alternatives. The delivery of activity packs and weekly calls has helped motivate carers and family to baking and modelling and wordsearch. The telephone calls have helped us as much as Simon and we are extremely grateful. When he has been able to access Zoom sessions it has been uplifting and full of laughter and a great way to see familiar faces and realise everyone is safe and what can only be described as party evenings of which there have been two or three since lockdown with everyone including staff having a great time. Thank you what a wonderful friendly caring staff team.

Simon and family

Mrs Brett – A Parents View

Mrs Brickley – A Parents View