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Spotlight on Susan’s paid employment

Susan attends Assist Trust and also has a paid job in the kitchen at a high school. Susan tells us more about this below…

“I work as a catering assistant in a school. This is a paid job, 10 hours a week, 2 hours a day.  I had to do a food hygiene course and learn the bus routes. The employment team at Assist helped me with all this, and helped me prepare for the job interview. I’d done some work experience and worked at Assist’s Norman centre café, all this helped me get the job.  I’ve just had my 3 month review. It went really well. My supervisor and the Employment team are pleased with my work. The staff are friendly. Students are polite. I enjoy bagging up the snacks, preparing the coleslaw and cheese. I enjoy serving the children. I’m working on time management and my supervisor has said she would like me to move onto doing more food preparation and working at the service point. I’m proud to have a paid job”.