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Spotlight on Ben’s work experience placement

Ben attends Assist Trust and has a work experience placement on one of the days he attends. Read our interview with him below to find out more…

What do you think of your placement? 

“It’s brilliant, I really like it”

What do you like most about your placement and why?

“I like working on the tills, tidying the back room. I get on well with the staff there. I get to have a cup of tea and biscuits when I am there, I like getting the milk from the shop for the others that work there. Everyone is friendly. It is a good work placement, I recommend it.”

Are there any areas that you struggle with on your placement?

“I don’t struggle with the clothing but sometimes with the labels. People don’t always put the clothes in the right place, I find that a bit tricky. I ask them to put them back where they found it.”

What are you proud you’ve achieved while on placement?

“Proud of being travel trained, totally enjoyed that. I have now upgraded my time- I was working 9.45-12pm and now I am working until 2pm which I like as I am getting out more.”

Are there any areas you need support with?

“Not much support, I know how it all works, the till and giving change. I know how to do the receipts, and the merchant receipts. I sometimes occasionally struggle with the kids clothes and the sizes. I do the hoovering, I get there on time, I am punctual and I know what I need to do.”