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Poppy’s Enchanting Norwich Christmas Cards

When it comes to capturing the spirit of a place, some artists have a unique talent for turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. At the Assist Trust, our very own Poppy has done just that with her beautiful Christmas cards that celebrate Norwich.

Poppy’s keen eye and creative spirit have resulted in a collection of Christmas cards that are nothing short of enchanting. Each card is a work of art, offering a glimpse of Norwich’s charm through her exquisite illustrations. As we prepare to celebrate the holiday season, Poppy’s creations bring an extra touch of magic to the festivities.

Norwich, with its historic streets, picturesque river, and iconic landmarks, has always been a city close to our hearts. It’s a place that holds cherished memories for many, and Poppy’s artwork beautifully encapsulates the city’s essence, making her cards a perfect way to share the love for our local area with friends and family.

I’m happy to say that these charming Christmas cards are available for purchase! Not only do they serve as heart-warming keepsakes, but they also make for thoughtful gifts that allow you to share a piece of Norwich with your loved ones, near and far.

By supporting Poppy and choosing her cards, you’re not only embracing local talent but also contributing to the community’s artistic vibrancy and supporting the Assist Trust. It’s a chance to celebrate the unique beauty of Norwich while supporting a gifted artist and a local charity.

Thank you, Poppy, for sharing your creativity and passion with us and our members.